See Ya Soon Blogettes!! [Miss You Already!]

Hey Hey Blogettes! I can’t talk long! I’m in a super duper rush… but I wanted to pop in real quick to update you!! I got a HUGE surprise yesterday and found out that I’m starting my summer vacation early with a surprise adventure!!! I don’t know many details at ALL at the moment – but I didn’t [...]

3-Day Weekend Comin’ Right Up!

Hey Hey Blogettes, Happy it’s-almost-time-for-a-three-day-weekend! LOL. But before we get into future plans… let’s talk about the past! Well, the past as in 2 days ago at our most recent Friends Against Bullying meeting, hehe. We had a wonderful meeting, full of inspiration and excitement! Here [...]

Livin’ and Lovin’ Life!!

Hey Hey Blogettes I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend! I had an amazzzzing time at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday! Even though we had to wait in some pretttttty long lines lol, we got to cross off every single ride on our wish list! Ant the icing on the cake was that I learned that Ali [...]

Spaghetti Dinner & Roller Coasters!

Hey Hey Blogettes! I did it! I cooked dinner and did NOT burn down the house OR burn my parents’ mouths! LOL. I made us a simple, elegant spaghetti dinner – complete with meatballs and garlic bread (yummmm!). I even made the sauce almost from scratch –haha. I mean, yes, I did start out with a jar [...]

Can I Just Serve Cookies for Dinner!?

Hey Hey Blogettes! It looks like you made it away from Friday the 13th, nice and safe, too!! Phew!!! If you have any crazy or creepy stories, comment below and share with us!!! XoXo! Okay, so, the girls and I did make it to the beach on Saturday for the first time this season, which was super [...]

Spring Adventures & Summer Thoughts!

Hey Hey Blogettes! So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about summer vacation… I mean it’s practically right around the corner! And I’ve made absolutely ZERO plans so far, LOL. I’m wondering if I should apply for an internship this summer, if I should stay home and try to write the next great [...]

Mother’s Day Weekend 2016!

Hey Hey Blogettes, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend filled with hugs, smiles, laughs, and fun! On Thursday evening, Mom and I were in a super close running during our Scrabble game while Dad trailed behind by like… a LOT (lol sorry Dad!!) It seemed as though Mother’s Day weekend [...]

Short Stories, Collages, & Scrabble!

Hey Hey Blogettes! Happy Almost-Weekend!!! Yesterday after school I got super inspired to do a little writing – which I feel like I haven’t done in FOREVER! I mean… aside from writing here on my Blog to you, my Blogettes! Hehe. I just got this urge to find a pen and a notebook and HANDWRITE yep – [...]

Mother-Daugther Spa Day!!

Hey Hey Blogettes! Guess what I got to do this weekend!?! Remember how I told you that Mom told me not to make plans on Saturday because she had something super sneaky planned?? LOL. WELL – the week before Mother’s Day my super awesome and super silly Mom took ME out for a mother-daughter spa [...]

So Much To Share: Here, Twitter & EVERYwhere!!

Hey Hey Blogettes! Happy Happy HAPPY THURSDAY!!! Next time we chat on the blog it’s going to be yet ANOTHER brand new month! They keep going by soooo quickly, Blogettes! How is this possible?! I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’m definitely not complaining – because that means… SUMMER VACATION is only a [...]
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